Lake Renuka Ji

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Places of Interest

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Geography It lies 77 40' north and 30 45' east,  at an elevation of 397.7 m above msl
Climate Hot in Summer and  cold in Winter

        Paonta   Sahib  is one of the Sub-Divisional Headquarters  of  District  Sirmour   and  is about 45 km.  form Nahan on Shimla-Nahan-Dehra  Dun road  at  an elevation  of  397.7 metres from the sea level. This place is  of great religious sanctity for the  Sikhs and Hindu alike. The  Yamuna flows close  by on its  east, turning partly to  its south. So  situated   on  the   right  bank   of   the   river Yamuna, it  commands a  superb view of the Dun valley. Paonta main   advantage  is  its   situation.  Within   the    town   is   a   famous     Gurudwara

Gurdawara Poanta

overlooking  the Yamuna. Guru Govind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs stayed here for about 4 years from 1742  to  1745. Origin of   the name of Paonta Sahib is also attributed to  the  guru  and  more  than  one  legend   are  still  fresh  in the  memory  of  the local inhabitants. It is  said that  with  the  setting of his foot on the soil of t his place  and his subsequent stay  here the  place was   named  as  Paon-tika  (foot-rested)  subsequently corrupted to Paonta.  Another version which finds mention in the Revenue Report of Majra of 1889, and perhaps more reliable and official    is that  while  bathing in the Yamuna the illustrious guru’s foot ornament called “Paonta”, slipped and was lost for ever in the river.  Hence, the place was christened as Paonta after this incident. He fought various battles against   the  combind forces   of Rajas of  Garhwal  and  Bilaspur.   Gurudwara of Paonta  Sahib  is located at the victory  point.   This place attracts pilgrims from  all  over India.  From tourist  point of   view this  place  has  its own  significance  having all facilities like Tourist Bunglow, PWD Rest House, Kisan Bhawan etc.

How to reach there By Road about 45 Km. form Nahan and 45 Km. form Nahan
Where to Stay Tourism Hotel 'YAMUNA'

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Geography It lies 30 37' and 30 51' north and 77 15' and 77 29' east at an elevation of 2168.6 m above msl.
Climate Pleasant climate throughout the year

RAJGARH is located in the heart of Sirmaur district in a lush green valley. It is the biggest subdivision  of Sirmaur  with a population  of  76,509.  Rajgarh   has  two subdivisions, one is Rajgarh  itself and the other is Sarahan, another  beautiful valley of Sirmaur. The total geographical area of Rajgarh is   810 sq km and  30 per cent of the total area  is under forest.  The   total income   from   various   sources,    which includes  sale  of  peaches,  other  stone fruits   and  vegetables,  is  about  Rs 32 crore. This also includes income from wood

sold through the HP State Forest Corporation in Rajgarh valley, which is Rs 2 crore.
             Basically, the people of this area belong to Khash Rajput clan. It is said that the local people  in the  Pachhota  Valley called Miyans were originally Rajputs from Rajasthan. During the freedom movement, the village figured in the  popular  Pachhota   movement. It played a significant role in the  liberation of  states. The people of this valley are dynamic and hardworking. They are tough, stout and basically good-looking and simple people with sharp  features. They are  religious and   God-fearing  and  worshippers  of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. The local Shaya temple of Lord Shirgul, the descendant of Lord Shiva, has a mammoth following.   According to a  legend, Lord Shirgul had first come to Shaya village and later settled in Chur Chandani Chur-Dhar mountains at height of 12,000 feet.

How to reach there By road about 100Km. from Chandigarh, 39 Km. from Solan
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Geography 645 Mt. above msl
Climate Pleasant climate in winter and high temperature in Summer

Renuka is the  most   important  place of religious  and tourist  interest  in  Sirmour  District.    It is nearly 40 km.  away from Nahan and is well linked with motorable metalled road.  This place  has  a  famous  lake.  Boating  in  Renuka   lake  is  main attraction for  the  tourists  visiting Renuka. This sacred oval shaped  lake has  a circumference of 2.4 km..   Close-by  lies  the  Parshu  Ram  Lake  which  vaguely  resemble  a human  figure.  It is believed that Parshu Rama's mother consecrated into water  out of  which this  lake  was formed.   Towards  the  end  of the lake are towering palm trees which offer ideal picnic spots during day time.

Mata Renuka Ji

This famous lake is visited by thousand of pilgrims every year on Kartika Ekadashi. The 1.6 Km patch between the Giri and humming camp where villagers hailing from far off places stay for a couple of days. Nightlong festivities including Kirtans are held by various groups.

The place remain full capacity during the days of the fair and offer a spectacular variety of activities. As one approaches the fair ground he is greeted by a notice board put up by the Wild Life Wing of the Forest Department warning, "Hold Your Gun--Game Sanctuary Starts". To this fair the brass idol of Parasu Rama is brought from village Jamu, his permanent abode, in a silver palki accompanied by musical instruments with great pomp and show. The deity remains in the temple for three days i.e. sudi, dashmi to dwadashi (from 10th to 12th of the bright half). The hill people pry to pujari with questions during the night when he goes into a trance and turns an oracle. He answers each and every question. These answers foretell things and, quite often, enjoin upon the questioner some offering or sacrifice to the deity of some other act as a condition precedent to the fulfilment of the favourable prophecy such as deliverance from some misery or recovery of health from some disease. On dwadashi, generally, the people offer alms after the holy dip in the Renuka lake. 

How to reach there By road about 40 Km. form Nahan
Where to Stay

'Hotel 'Renuka' run   by the tourism department. In addition to this, an inspection hut of the forest department is also available. A rest house run by State Electricity Board is  situated  about 2Km. away from Renuka lake at ' Dadahu'.

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Geography It lies 77 15' north and 30 45' east at an elevation 1,668 m above msl.
Climate Pleasant in Summer and Cold in Winter

Sarahan, the headquarters of the tehsil and the development block.  It is 1,668 m above the sea level.  Located on a hill top, the place commands a panoramic view of the plains on one side and an attractive view of Choor Dhar on the other.  Sarahan is about 42 km from Nahan, with which it is connected by a fine motorable road.  Dagshai is about 34 km distant and Solan falls at about 52 km. The place has a Public Works Department rest-house, a dispensary, a post office, a high school, a veterinary hospital, an information center, a public call office, a police station and a poultry unit.  The total are of this village is 82 hectares with a population of 778 souls.

Bhureshwar Temple
How to reach there By Road about 45 Km. form Nahan and 45 Km  from Solan
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