Department of Cooperation

Brief Profile of the Department of Cooperation.

The Department of Cooperation was established in 1948 immediately after the formation of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The main objective of the Department has been to eliminate exploitation of common man by middlemen and money lenders by ensuring credit facilities to farmers at low rate of interest through Cooperative institutions. The focus is on amelioration of the socio-economic conditions of the people. It also envisages enabling empowerment for people to come together for constituting organizations for mutual benefit, build up synergies and drive economic benefits.
The first H.P Cooperative Societies Act, enacted in 1956 and prior to this Cooperative Societies were registered under the Cooperative Societies Registration Act, 1912. After reorganisation of the state in 1966, a new cooperative societies Act namely H.P. Cooperative Societies Act 1968 was enacted. Simultaneously, H.P. Cooperative Societies Rules, 1971 were also framed by the Government for strengthening the Cooperative movement in the State. The statutory duties of Registration of Cooperative Societies, Arbitration, execution, Liquidation, Inspection and Audit have been entrusted to the Registrar, Cooperative Societies H.P. or the person authorised by him.
There are 305 Cooperative Societies registered in District Sirmour out of which 121 are primary agricultural Cooperative Societies and other are various kinds of societies like Transport, Marketing, Milk, Housing, Non Agriculture Thrift & Credit Societies etc. There are 159 fair price shops of Cooperative Societies in District Sirmour which are supplying essential commodities to their members under Public Distribution System.

Activities performed by the department.

  1. To extend credit facilities, especially to farmers at low rate of interest, through Cooperative Societies.
  2. To promote marketing facilities to the members of Cooperative Societies to sell their produce at remunerative prices.
  3. To provide consumer goods, especially essential commodities under P.D.S program at reasonable prices.
  4. To update the skill of the Artisans, Craftsmen and weaker sections of the society engaged in Industrial activities and help them to market their produce
  5. To enable all persons to come together and gainfully employ themselves in diverse fields such as Horticulture, Floriculture, Fisheries, Housing, Wool, Poultry, Labour & Construction, Dairy and Tourism etc. by way of forming Cooperative Societies.
  6. Marketing of Agricultural Produce through Cooperative Societies.
  7. Distribution of fertilizers, seeds and other Agricultural inputs through the Cooperatives.

Activities performed by the department.

  1. Enrollment subsidy to newly enrolled member of IRDP/Scheduled caste/ Scheduled tribe families, equivalent to value of one share is provided to the beneficiaries to encourage them for becoming members of the co-operative societies
  2. Managerial subsidy/Interest Subsidy and working capital subsidy being provided to the society engaged in consumer/marketing activity under special central assistance for Tribal area Sub-Plan.
  3. Interest subsidy to IRDP families is being provided 8% as an incentive for timely clearance of agriculture loans (ST/MT) availed by these families through co-operative societies.
  4. Financial Assistance is provided to various Cooperative Societies under State Annual Plan by way of providing Share Capital to Societies to strengthen their capital base.

Summary of Departmental Field offices

Field offices of the department are at Block Level where Inspector, Cooperative Societies have been appointed. The detail of these offices is as under :-

Sr. No. Name of Block Address of Field Office
1. Nahan Block Inspector, Cooperative Societies, Nahan
2. Paonta Sahib Block Inspector, Cooperative Societies, Paonta Sahib
3. Pachhad Block Inspector, Cooperative Societies, Pachhad
4. Sangrah Block Inspector, Cooperative Societies, Sangrah
5. Shillai Block Inspector, Cooperative Societies, Shillai
6. Rajgarh Block Inspector, Cooperative Societies, Rajgarh

Contact information

Office of the Assistant Registrar, Cooperative Societies, District Sirmour at Nahan.
Telephone/Fax  : 222221
Email :  arcs.sir.hp[at]gmail[dot]com